I purchased some of your cards today at a little shop in Napa.  I am so in love with your artwork I just had to tell you.


You do a great job of capsulizing the free way we women need to think!!!


You have made such a difference to so many people…keep on doing what you do! You’re amazing.


Your words are like a treasure.


You paint pictures when you write…and when you paint pictures you tell stories..!!


You are a true artist in words and pictures.


How your stories resonate synchronistically with me so often. Thank you for your warmth, vulnerability, artistry, honesty and willingness to share


I am so grateful that you share your words and paintings with us…they always seem to arrive at the very right time!


I have this from a deck of the cards…tucked under the light switch directly to the right of my head right now! Striving for balance.


Wow … what a deep sense of compassion. You create magic and something of great value every time. Feel blessed simply by being a small part of your great world…


Thank you Miss Marylou for depositing part of your wealth into my heart! I am not just sick with a stomach bug any more, I an filled with joy, getting off my Thsh and laughing out loud!


Marylou! Your very first line spoke to me!…”Be open, loving and forgiving in all situations. Most importantly, be open and grateful in all situations”…and the rest of your words did too. Thank you for sharing this.


Love this. Sharing with my newly found BEST friend from high school. She is a teacher…subs, all grades. Brave woman she is.


A Touch of Magic…
Sweet & simple; yet profound and heart touching, “It’s the Stories You Tell…” resonates with the remembrance of who we are and what our lives can be…Just open to any page, and you will find the perfect words to create your day with optimism and a smile…I would recommend this book as a wonderful gift for the new graduate, a friend in transition, or for someone you just love….

Arleen-Northern California

It’s the Stories You Tell That Bring Unity to All of Us….
Alan and Marylou are visionaries. They understand that positive thoughts create positive actions. With grace and artistry, this book is a Creative Call to Action. It starts with understanding oneself, and going further from there. This book is a treasure.

Melissa A. Rosati – New York City

Spiritual Messages to Give You the Courage to Follow Your Dreams…
Inspiring and healing, this book will help you find the courage to follow your dreams and create your own reality…..

Theresa – Michigan