Women and the Hourglass® Affirmation Card Decks

//Women and the Hourglass® Affirmation Card Decks

The Women and the Hourglass Affirmation Card Deck

Created by Marylou Falstreau.

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Now is the time to wake up to Love and Life and your own magnificence!

Artist Marylou Falstreau created this beautiful card deck to inspire women on their journey of transformation. Each of the 30 images is designed to encourage, affirm and celebrate our ability to choose a different way. Captivating and colorful, this Affirmation Card Deck makes a heartfelt Holiday gift or the perfect stocking stuffer.

Each card has  translations in Spanish and French printed on the back. The card deck is printed in the USA, printed with solar energy


How to use “Women and the Hourglass” Affirmation Cards

  1. Tape them to your forehead so the words will seep into your brain and you will be changed.

  2. Leave them as a tip (along with some cash of course) when you are leaving a restaurant or your hair stylist.

  3. Include an affirmation card in a Birthday, “Get Well Soon” or Graduation card. It will be like a gift inside a gift. Words are powerful and make wonderful gifts.

  4. Leave a card in a random place like at the gas pump, the ladies restroom or your doctor’s waiting room. When someone comes along they will think they received a message from an angel….and they did.

  5. Pick a card everyday and meditate on it’s meaning for you. Leave the card deck by your toothbrush, the refrigerator or on your car dashboard, so you won’t forget.

  6. Remember the message during the day when you are beginning to feel frazzled or about to lose your mind.

  7. Have fun with them. Turn them into prayer flags or a mobile.

  8. Give a whole pack to someone you love….