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Marylou Falstreau is an artist and creator of the “Women and the Hourglass” series of inspirational art for women. She has taken her own life experiences and turned them into sixty-seven images that speak to the heart.

It all began with a dream in 2010. In the dream, Marylou was sitting around a conference table in serious discussion with a small group of women. When she woke up, the words Women and Hourglass remained in her consciousness. Inspired, she began to create one image after another, curious about what the Hourglass represents. Here is what was revealed: the hourglass can be turned over at any time, stopping and changing the flow of sand (of time) and beginning anew. In relationship to us: we have the ability to do the same by developing our awareness and choosing a different direction, thought or perspective. Life is an “inside” job.

“One day she woke up and decided to be happy”, “One day she woke up and decided to be herself”, “One day she woke up and forgave her wrinkles”, One day she decided to follow her heart” are just a few of the messages on Marylou’s cards.

Marylou’s original artwork was created using fluid acrylic paints and collage. Her imagery is bright, playful, honest, sometimes humorous and always heartfelt.

The “Women and the Hourglass” line includes Cards, Fine Art Prints, a Coloring Book, Affirmation Card Decks and Button Magnets.

Marylou lives in Grass Valley, California with her business and life partner, Alan and she continues to explore what it means to wake up to her own power and potential.

Now is the time to turn the Hourglass over.

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