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Hourglass Bridge To Men™

Knew He Was Enough


Whispers In My Ear™

Focus On The Rainbow


Women and the Hourglass Series®

Stepped Into Her Own Power


Marylou Falstreau is an artist and creator of the “Women and the Hourglass” Series, and the “Hourglass Bridge To Men” Series. She has taken her own life experiences and turned them into images that speak to the hearts of women and men around the world.

Images Ready To Touch Your Heart

Images To Inspire You To Grow

Images That Will Encourage You To Explore A Different Way

Images To Change The World

Thank you Miss Marylou for depositing part of your wealth into my heart! I am not just sick with a stomach bug any more, I an filled with joy, getting off my Thsh and laughing out loud!

Made In America