Decided To Tell Her Truth

Designed The Life Of Her Dreams

Released All Of Her Regrets To The Sky

It started with a dream.

I was sitting around a conference table in a serious discussion with a group of women. When I woke up, all I remembered were the words “women and hourglass”.

I was inspired by these two words and began a creative and healing mission of discovery. The hourglass represents the passage of time and “Now” is the time for healing, love and laughter and transformation.

The “Women and the Hourglass” series was born and is speaking to women around the world.

Marylou Falstreau’s “Women and the Hourglass” line includes Cards, Fine Art Prints, a Coloring Book, Affirmation Card Decks and Button Magnets.

Marylou Falstreau’s original artwork was created using fluid acrylic paints and collage. Her imagery is bright, playful, honest, sometimes humorous and always heartfelt.

Wow … what a deep sense of compassion. You create magic and something of great value every time. Feel blessed simply by being a small part of your great world…

Made In America