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It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life
Created by Alan Falstreau with Illustrations by Marylou Falstreau

In a time when newscasters,friends and family tell stories that scare you . . . this book tells stories of understanding, healing and joy.

The Story Within the Story
The most powerful story, however, is the story of how the book came into being. When Alan began his early morning walks and meditations he was open but still surprised by the guidance he received. Whispers in his ear came in complete sentences and he would quickly write them down in his notebook. Not only did the messages serve him on his journey, but after awhile it became clear that the messages were meant to be shared.

Marylou, his wife, actually became aware of this before Alan did. As an artist she was inspired by the beauty of the words and began incorporating them into her paintings. After awhile it was clear that a book was emerging so she began to extract key messages, draw sweet little pictures and then compiled it all into what is now known as “It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life”.

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